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Given the age we are in, it’s quite hard to list the best jobs for women. Back in the days, when women lived in very restrictive climes, it was easy to say which job was best suited for women but the reverse is the case in this age as we have seen many women go above and beyond perceived limits, we have seen women breaking stereotypes and no longer conforming to the rules that were binding in time past. There is no job a man can do that a woman cannot do. We have seen many great ladies from different countries triumphing in their respective spaces. A very good number of them abound in our country.

However, here are a few non-defining jobs women can take up.


Content Creator

Women are blessed with the act of lengthy words, They are more expressive with words than the male counterpart.  Content creation is on job that deals with words. A man may find this difficult if not skilled in this field but it might come naturally to the female folks. Also, most female doing this job are doing it well. Little wonder most companies prefer to hire ladies as a content creator in their organisations.

Women Content Creators

Human Resource

There are lots of qualities that a Human resource person should possess such as admiration, people skills and communication skills. Also qualities like Empathy, Emotional intelligent, organisation and articulation. This also comes more naturally to the ladies. As well ladies are dominating this career and are equally great at it.  they have been able to leverage their skills to influence the growth of the organisations.

Interior Design

Another great job for ladies. Interior design has a lot to do with the ability to arrange thing in an orderly, neat and beautiful manner. You can’t take this out of a lady. Ladies are naturally organised and neat, They love and fancy beautiful things. They have got keen eyes for beauty and can replicate it. This qualities are inborn and have given them the edge over the male’s folks when it comes to interior design. Ladies make our world beautiful and interior design is just another way they beautify the earth.

Women in Interior Design

Data Analyst.

Though the male folks are dominating this field and are doing well, of recent women have shown interest. And with the way things are going, it will be another win for the ladies. Those in this field have shown exceptional qualities that speaks greatly for Data Analysis. By nature also, women are calculative, analyst and critical thinker. They have proven they can be great in expressive and interpreting data. Therefore, Data Analyst will be a good fit career for them.


You can take away the fact that ladies dominate in this career and are such awesome tools here. Teaching is a profession that requires care, empathy, emotional intelligence as well as communication qualities. women do great here, they have helped in moulding the society to a better one by impacting into the students. Teaching has been instrumental in building an effective society. However, we should acknowledge the female folks for keeping this career running.


Women are no doubt the best for any Nursing job. As a matter of fact, it is of recent that the male folks start considering this job. Care and patient are qualities that a nursing professional should exhibit and women are doing it so well. Nursing also requires the ability to communicate effectively. Listening to a patient on a sickbed and effectively relating the issue to the doctor or physician is such a great job. Women have shown to be good at nursing and deserve every accolade.



Well, This is no news, it is the ladies job as they have dominated this over the years. They have shown to be more organised, great writing skills as well as communication skills.

Other Jobs such as personnel Assistant, Office assistant all falls into this category and women are dominating with as well as doing excellent jobs at it.

Wrap Up

Here you have it, Top 7 best jobs for women in the industry. use the comment box for your questions as well as contribution. Also, follow us on twitter for an interactive session on jobs in any industry.



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