Banking Jobs in Nigeria – Things You Should Know

By | October 3, 2020

Banking Jobs in Nigeria are among the top jobs in the country that most graduates look out for. This article will be covering a lot of things you should familiarize yourself with before applying. In this article I do be covering Recruitment process of banks in Nigeria, Skills you should possess for banking jobs. I will also cover the reasons why you need a job in the bank then we look at how to balance banking work and life.

Banking Jobs requires some certain level of determination and hard work. It is one of those professionals that requires you to wake up early and sleep late. However, there are benefit accrue to working in a bank which is why most people want to work. Therefore, before chasing that banking job have you thought through about it? Let’s look at some reasons why most individuals will prefer working in a bank.

Top Benefits of having Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Top Benefits of having Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Staffs Benefit

As a staff or worker in the banking sector, you have so much to gain. The bank covers for your medical insurance, official travels and tour, sick leave and retirement plans. Also depending on your position, the bank can cover medicals for your family. Most banks have a model that helps to speed up employees growth and development. These models are put in place to enhance the productivity of the employee through rewards and benefits. Also, Staffs can benefit from international travels and work. this in no small way to help to boost their CV thereby giving them an edge in the industry.

Enhancing Social Skills

One of the major benefits of working in the bank can bring is the opportunity to build your social skills. As a worker in the banking sector, you meet people on a daily bases. Also, we interact with these people while helping solve their financial problems. Banker meets and interacts with a different individual from diverse culture and belief. This, as a result, help such banker build confidence as well as communications skills. Social skills are important in our lives. as a  banker, you have that opportunity to build and also enhance your social skills.

Long Term Career Plan

As a worker in the Banking industry, you already caved a huge opportunity for yourself. Banking job is one that is respected by employers. with such experience on your Cv, you are certain of getting a job. You also have an edge even when you decide to switch careers. Your experience in banking will always stand you a good chance of regards to the industry. This is also a great reason why individuals want to work in the banking sector. Some just want the experience then retires to start up a business.

Training and Development benefits

In the bank sector, you are certain of going on training every month if not weeks. This is a great aspect and why most people love the banking job. They get to be trained on a lot of courses such as loan management, financial products and services, interest rate and much more. This training is essential to a worker in the banking industry as their work evolves around trust, integrity and respect. They alongside are engaged in personal skills development which will help in handling other peoples money. Soft skills such as communications skills, critical thinking, leadership, organisation and teamwork are essential in this sector. Reasons why most bank employees are cautious, they undergo intensive training to become better and serve people better.

Understanding and seeking out Investment opportunities

The top reason to work in the bank is that it makes you a good investor. As an employee in a bank, You get to learn a lot about investment. After which you can be consulted on investment opportunities. this is entirely a big one for an employee as most people don’t know there is a lot to invest money on.

You will understand how the money market function as well as the perfect time to trade on it. job in a bank will also help individual earn huge income in investment.

These are absolutely a good reason why individuals seek to work in the bank sector

Banking Jobs in Nigeria | Banking Job Recruitment Process

Banking Recruitment Process might vary depending on the institution. In Nigeria, most banks run their recruitment exercise in the following stages

Application Stage: This is the first and foremost stage. Here you get to apply for the banking job. At this point, you are required to fill all the necessary detail that shows you are qualified. You can also be asked to submit your credentials along with other documents such as your resume, cv and cover letter.

This is the first step and anyone serious with working in the bank should consider this stage very seriously. How good is your resume, can it pitch your qualifications in seconds. Also, your cover letter, is it well detailed and concise?

You should also consider reading the job description carefully to understand what the job entails and know how to tailor your resume.

Assessment Stage

At this stage, you will engage in writing test. your level of reasoning and logic will be tested. Besides that, you also will be tested in calculations and English language. Check below to see how you can get past questions for any Bank in Nigeria. Past questions are sure ways to ace any assessment for any recruitment.

Interview Stage

The interview comes after assessment, for those that are successful in the test. It is also a stage that you should take seriously. research on bank interview questions online and learn how to tailor your answer to match your qualification. Here your intelligent is put to test as well as your qualifications. you have to answer all question with confidence and each should be convincing enough. It is at this phase you finally get to sell yourself. you get to tell the HR team why you should be hired instead of others.

This stage might be broken down into two or three depending on the institution and job position you are applying for. while some conduct on interview and select successful candidates other conducts two or three interviews before selection. It all depends on the job position and the institution recruiting.


After the Interview, Successful candidates are selected and training commence. Here you are trained on banking practices and how work is been carried out in the banking sector. You also get to enhance your soft skills during the training. For successful candidates, three to six months of training will be something they definitely will enjoy as there is a lot to gain.

Work-Life Balance in the Banking Sector

Work-Life Balance in the Banking Sector

Working in the Bank might be stressful, However, there is a need to set that balance between work and life. Health and family are important therefore there should be thing put in place to maintain balance.

There are great reasons to maintain a good Work-Life balance, which will help you to be more productive at work as well as enjoying your life outside work. To maintain work-life balance here are helpful tips.

  • Ensure your workplace is close to your home
  • Go for health check-up regularly. Maintain a great health
  • Learn How to best manage your Time
  • Be great at communication

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