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Best Skills You Need for Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are increasing on daily bases and a lot of employees prefer to work from home. However, they are not prepared for the challenges that come with working remotely. Skills are needed when you want to start working at home. Without which it becomes very difficult and boring to hell working from home. Today,… Read More »

Simple steps to Enhance Your Soft Skills

Here, I will discuss the simple steps to enhance your soft skills. Enhancing your soft skills will keep you relevant in the workplace. This is because changes are always bound to happen, keeping update with the latest will save you a lot. Therefore, one of the things an employee of labour should do is to… Read More »

Skills and Abilities Required as an Economist

In the society today there are Skills and Abilities Required as an Economist. Reasons being that there are so many opportunities that abound for graduates of economics. And to tap into these opportunities there are element (skills and abilities) that must be possessed. Given that economics is a course that cuts across so many areas… Read More »

Restructuring Skills Acquisition Pattern in Nigeria

Restructuring Skills Acquisition Pattern in Nigeria: When I woke up today, I already outlined things I hoped to achieve for the day. So the day began with me having my usual personal time to study at around 3 am. My chores followed afterwards and I loved the weather because it was drizzling nonstop. Then my… Read More »

Accounting Software in Nigeria that are Most Commonly Used

Accounting software in Nigeria, in the 21st century have been beneficial. Essentially, the success of any business depend on how the finance are proper managed. Accounting software have contributed to the growth of businesses by speeding up financial analysis as well as making jobs relating to accounting easy to carry out. As an accountant, one… Read More »