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Work-Life Balance learn how to balance your life and work. Health is wealth


Get to know how to be productive working from home as this will help you doing this pandemic period. To fight Covid_19 virus, there is a need for social distancing.  Companies are shouting down to allow workers to work form home. Due to the pandemic, many companies have restricted there work from coming to the… Read More »

How to Politely Disagree with Your Boss

As an employee, it is important you know How to politely disagree with your boss. This is because you can’t always be yes! Yes! Sir person all the time. There is nothing bad in making your boss understand he is wrong and needs to listen or buy your own idea. it is absolutely okay to… Read More »

What is work-life balance and why is it important to employees?

One frequently asked question is what is work-life balance and why is it important to employees? Many employees don’t know the meaning of work-life balance. Which is rather sad because most of these employees work very hard at work and do poorly in other areas of their life or vice versa. Therefore it is important,… Read More »

Easy Side Hustles You Can Do Before Landing a Job

We do be looking at Some easy side hustles you can engage in even as an employee or before you become an employee. These are side hustles that many have ended up turning into big businesses. It is up to you to decide if you will love to expand it into business or just use… Read More »

Best Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Best Online Investment Platforms; As an Employees, one of the greatest secret to becoming wealthy is through investment. This post is created for employees who keep asking how do one become wealthy as an employee? There are several ways to turn your paycheck to cool cash. Today we will be discussing some of the best… Read More »

5 Simple Side Hustle Jobs for Teachers

Are you a teacher and in need of a Side Hustle Jobs for Teachers to support yourself doing this pandemic period? Then we have this simple and easy to engage inside hustle jobs for you. Why are the Simple  Before we consider the word simple we have made our research and also found out they… Read More »