How to Politely Disagree with Your Boss

By | October 9, 2020

As an employee, it is important you know How to politely disagree with your boss. This is because you can’t always be yes! Yes! Sir person all the time. There is nothing bad in making your boss understand he is wrong and needs to listen or buy your own idea. it is absolutely okay to disagree with your boss, but doing it the right way matters too.

Quite a number of employees are afraid to disagree with their bosses; they feel it may be a way of setting themselves up and shooting themselves in the foot. However, confident employers silently want employees who would politely and intelligently disagree with them on some issues. It shows that they have the best hands-on-deck who are capable of driving the organization forward. No one man is an island on his own; thus, appropriate inputs by employees will be highly beneficial and appreciated by many managers. Disagreements oftentimes birth positive relationships and promote personal growth across quarters.

Tips to Help You Politely Disagree with Your Boss

As an employee of any organization, here are a few tips to help you politely disagree with your boss:

  • Arrange for a personal meeting to discuss the issues you disagree with. Refrain from publicly disagreeing with your boss; it shows disrespect no matter how you put it. A popular saying reads that ” Better to correct a friend in private than in public” How much more, your employer. Resolve issues privately and reach a truce amicably.
  • Be honest about why you disagree with his stance on an issue. Keep your tone less confrontational, choose your words carefully.
  • Research the issue you do not agree with and give your boss a concise and concrete reason as to why you disagree backed up with facts, figures, and past experiences. This will help your boss come to the realisation that he or she has been wrong.
  • Do not assume that disagreeing with your boss will make them fire you. or damage your career in any way. Simply and constructively state your points and be open to dialogue.
  • Be mindful of your choice of words. Don’t use words that will make him agree. Here you need to be extremely careful. A good word will soot the heart.
  • You can start by saying you have a different opinion and as if you can state your view on the issue. This will make your boss or superior in question want to listen to what you have to say.
  • If given the opportunity to air your view, start by restating the original point or the matter at hand. Do well to clarify it then go ahead and tell them why you disagree with there a point or decision on the matter.

Wrap Up

Here you have the tip on How to Politely Disagree with Your Boss. It is important you know that you are only trying to get your boss to view the issue from your own point of view and never to make an enemy of him. Therefore, do well to convince him with facts and not feelings or sentiments. Also, makes sure your facts are right.

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