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Get to know how to be productive working from home as this will help you doing this pandemic period. To fight Covid_19 virus, there is a need for social distancing.  Companies are shouting down to allow workers to work form home.

Due to the pandemic, many companies have restricted there work from coming to the office. Most work from the comfort of their homes. The question is “will they be productive working from home?” Giving several issues that might spring up from home. from the kids to spouse or from parent to siblings. Working at home has proven to be a heavy task for so many. One will also consider the psychological factors, that is how we perceive the environment and how comfortable we find it in terms of work.

Working from home comes with its own advantages, however, there are also some disadvantages that also comes along. Without properly handling the disadvantage one might just end up becoming very unproductive which might cost such person their job. Therefore a need to balance things and focus on been productive even while working from home.

One needs to be mentally healthy and give more even while at home working. Here are some helpful tips on how to go about been productive when working from home.

How to Be Productive Working from Home

Office Space


To be efficient working from home you need to create an enabling environment where you feel at work rather than at home. Create an office space within your home, this can be done by converting one of your room into an office. Get a desk and chair this two are important. Also, make sure you give it that touch that every your normal office have. This will condition your mind that you are here for work.

It will easily take your mind off from home and help you stay focus. Environment determines a lot to human functionality. This is the simple reason why you feel and behave like a student when you are in the school environment, we unconsciously react to our environment. Therefore to be productive working remotely from home you need to set up an office space in your house. This will help us and make us more productive. you can also restrict people from visiting this space if they will become a distraction to you.

Create a working Schedule

Productivity comes with planing. you can’t be productive with an adequate plan. working from home also should involve a proper and effective plan. plan your daily schedule just as you will plan when you are going to the office. Dedicate time to do your task. here are things to consider when creating a schedule for working at home

  • Time for resumption
  • Break time
  • Closing time

With this three in mind, you will be able to put others in their rightful place. know when the sprang up from the bed, carry out your morning routine. This could be morning exercise the take your breakfast. Avoid going to your office space with pyjamas. this won’t help you focus properly. take your bath and dress like you are heading to your normal office or still better wear some polo and jeans. This will help condition your mind that you are ready for work.

Creating a daily schedule for work is a very important step to becoming productive when working from home. you should not joke with this point.

Get some friends to Join

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For those who love to socialize or who love to work in a group, this will be cool for you. get one or two friends to join you in your office space. Ensure you all are keeping to the COVID-19 rules. maintain social distance as well. This will help ease the workload. And if you can’t get them physical because you may end up breaking the Covid 19 rules or being at risk to the virus. then communicating virtually would be a great idea. Chat them up, make video calls, just do whatever you have to make you feel at work.

Be Committed

Learn to be committed to your work. Avoid been distracted by family or social media since you are not under anyone supervision. This is you striving to become productive and it will also help you achieve more. Do well to stick with your plans and schedule.

Be Accountable

You might want to consider being accountable to someone. This person could be your spouse, your boss at work or colleagues. Share with them your plans and ask them to demand accountability on your progress and productivity. This will help you focus on your work and carry them out effectively. The fact that you now have someone to report to about your work gives you that feeling that you are at work. It removes laxity and helps you sit up. To be productive working from home you also need to be accountable. If you go about working like you do really care or nobody is supervising you, you might end up not being productive. Let someone be responsible for you. Get someone you can report to.



This is how to be productive working from home, apply these tips will help you feel at work and eliminate that laxity that comes from home. It will help you sit up as well as make you enjoy working at home. Also, you will get to enjoy it more because you will find yourself closing earlier from work. this is because you don’t need to commute back home. you will have more time for family and other plans.

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